Small Black Aluminum Frame for a Personalized photo collage Snipic
  • Small Handmade Snipic

    € 95,00Price

    You send us the ingredients and we prepare a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Either to display at home, at the office, or as a unique gift. Fact is you can never go wrong with a Snipic.


    ○ Frame size:             30x30cm

    ○ Frame color:           Black or white

    ○ Frame type:            Aluminum

    ○ Picture count:         30-35

    ○ Production time:    5-15 business days

    Frame Color

    Step 1:
    Choose your style

    Whether you're looking for a modern digital art piece or a unique handmade art piece, don't look any further. Choose your desired style.


    Step 2:
    Choose your shape

    Decide on the shape you want your pictures to be placed in. Check out our Image Guidelines for some helpful tips!


    Step 3:
    Choose your frame

    Pick your desired frame size and frame color.


    Step 4:
    Place your order

    Only after placing your order you will be able to upload your pictures.


    Step 5:
    Upload your pictures

    Collect the pictures you want to add to your art piece and send them to us via WeTransfer to Before sending the pictures, insert your order number in the message bar.

    Important Note: Rename the image that you wish to use as the shape for your art piece to ‘MYSHAPE’ before uploading.


    Step 6:

    Now relax and leave the rest to us!


    See our full How it Works Guide here.